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Love Empowered School Programme

(Now open for enrollment!!! Call us for enquiries!)


L.E. School Programme brings the benefits of L.E. Learning Centre into the comforts of the child's own schools. LE School Programme stems from the same purpose of empowering the child to reach his or her fullest potential and provide a loving environment through integration and inclusiveness. 


  • Purpose

    • Love, empowerment and friendship

    • Integrate children regardless of differences

    • Provide structured classroom environment

    • Enable children to thrive in studies and enabling equal opportunities


  • Structure

    • Tuition twice a week; One and a half hours per session (Subjects up to schools)

    • Ratio of tutors to students (1:5).

      • 20 children per class (more if necessary); mix of special needs and other students

      • Number of tutors: 4

    • Tuition Timeslots (Monday to Friday) – according to school’s schedule

    • Students will be invited for activities once a month together with students at LE Learning Centre.


  • What Lessons entail

    • Fun, engaging lessons through use of novel materials and methods

    • Academically driven syllabus in-line with MOE syllabus

    • Trained teachers with awareness to needs of children with special needs

    • Small teacher to student ratio

    • Emphasis also on integration, social skills and living skills

    • Regular assessments to gauge improvements of children

    • Feedback and communication with school and parents 

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