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My Magical Hideout (Coming Soon)


My Magical Hideout by Love Empowered Co-op Ltd is a day activity centre for children and youths with learning, social, emotional and behavioural disabilities to come and take part in several activities with our volunteers, volunteers and trainers. My Magical Hideout provides these children and youths a friendly environment free of the prejudice and stereotypes people have of persons with such differences. Our staff, volunteers and instructors are all educated and trained personnel who are passionate in contributing to the society Love Empowered is building: one that is fully inclusive, full of love and compassion.


  • Musical lessons

    • Basic Music Theory

    • Ukelele Lessons

    • Guitar

    • Violin

    • Keyboard Lessons


  • Indoor games

    • Bridge

    • English Chess

    • Chinese Chess

    • Karem

    • Cuesports


  • Study groups


  • Art Hobby Groups

    • Art n Crafts

    • Pencil Sketch

    • Painting

    • Face painting


  • Sports groups

    • Basketball

    • Netcall

    • Badminton

    • Tennis

    • Table Tennis

    • Bowling

    • Ultimate Frisbee

    • Track n Field

    • Soccer

    • Rugby

    • General Fitness 





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