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Our Partners


These are the organizations that we are working with to provide the best services of our children.

The Singapore National Co-operative Federation


The Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) was established in 1980 as the country’s collective representation of the Co-operative Movement.

Our comprehensive programs help Co-operatives strengthen their enterprises so they can better serve their members, the broader community and transform the national economy.


These include:

  • National & Sector-wide Representation

  • Co-operative Formation

  • Co-operative Scholarship Programs

  • Disbursement of Co-op Grants & Assistance schemes

  • Co-operative Education

  • Marketing & Publicity

  • Affiliate Capability Development

  • Affiliate Value-added Services


SNCF offers a variety of programs and services to connect Love Empowered to other Co-operatives; affording Love Empowered many opportunities to develop partnerships that help to address social and economic needs through the principle of self and mutual help so as to foster a more resilient society.


Therapy Alliance


Therapy Alliance is an informative website founded by Parents of a Special Needs Child to help parents in-needs after their own experience of difficulty in finding relevant information for their child. They are supported with a group of Therapists, Psychologists and Teachers in their team. Therapy Alliance arranges free consultation services and help match parents to relevant help sources they require for their children.

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